【Kahoku】Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy – The only “Philosophy Museum” in Japan and Architectural beauty by Tadao Ando

D. T. Suzuki and Kitaro Nishida are one of Japan’s leading philosophers born in Ishikawa Prefecture. In fact, they were classmates and close friends at the Fourth Higher Junior High School. Facilities that convey their ideas and trajectories are located in their respective hometowns. The “D.T. Suzuki Museum” in Kanazawa […]

【Echigo Tsumari】Museum on Echigo-Tsumari

In this article, I would like to introduce the Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, one of the places I visited in Echigo-Tsumari. A Museum designed by the famous architect, Hiroshi Hara This building was designed in 2003 by Hiroshi Hara, known for designing the Kyoto Station Building, and initially called “Echigo-Tsumari Exchange […]

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