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【Culture】Japanese Capsule Toy

Do you know Japanese capsule toy? Japanese people often call it “Gacha-Gacha” or “GachaPon”. It’s usually installed at shopping malls and supermarkets, so you may have seen before if you’ve been to Japan! These are toys that my daughter (2-year-old) has gotten by gacha. She loves “Anpanman”, the most popular […]

【Culture】Year End and New Year Decorations

For the Japanese people, the Year-end and New Year times are some of the most important in the year (together with Obon in August). There are plenty of traditional activities and customs to appreciate the ending of the year and welcoming the new year. Recently these traditions are not always […]

【Destination Guide】 Kanazawa

Introduction History, Traditional Architecture, Crafts and more Situated on the western coast of Japan – opposite to Tokyo – Kanazawa has long been a “forgotten destination” for international travelers. With the opening of a brand new bullet train (shinkansen) line in 2015, it quickly gained its spot on the travel […]

【Destination Guide】Tokyo

Introduction The capital city of Japan is famous for being the largest city in the world. But did you know that it has not always been that way? There were actually many other cities designated as capital city before Tokyo, some of which do not exist anymore and other, more […]

【Japan Travel Tips】Restaurants

Japanese Food has enjoyed a growing popularity internationally in recent years and has become one of the best ambassador for Japan. It is often on of the main reasons to visit the country (together with Golf, of course!). Here is a short article about Restaurants; what to expect, our recommendation […]