【Ginza】PGM Golf Academy Ginza – Golf in Ginza?

【Ginza】PGM Golf Academy Ginza – Golf in Ginza?

PGM, one of the most well known Golf Course management companies in Japan operates 145 golf courses from Hokkaido to Okinawa – all over Japan. Now PGM offers Golf venue in Ginza in Tokyo – golf in the central area of Tokyo???

The concept is “Catering to any kind of golfer’s needs” – PMG has opened urban golfer’s lounge in Ginza which is PGM Golf Academy Ginza. Let’s check it out!


It’s located in Ginza, Tokyo – one of the most famous areas in Japan! So yes, it’s really convenient location -just 2 minutes from the nearest subway station called Higashi Ginza. You can easily pass by middle of shopping or after office hour.

PGM Golf Academy Ginza is located on the 2nd floor of Ginza Shochiku Squar Building. It’s just one block from Kabukiza Theater which is one of the landmarks in Ginza so you can find it easily!

5 unique points

PGM Golf Academy Ginza is not just an indoor driving range – it has more to offer so here are 5 unique points to describe about it!

  1. It’s fixed price – you can hit all you can with the latest model simulator!
  2. You can enjoy it with friends by using actual course program!
  3. Offering a lot of lesson programs catering various level from beginner to senior
  4. Variety of events – encounter with Pro!
  5. Shopping and getting the information of PGM courses!

The facilities, programs and activities are very thoughtful – PGM has hosted many tournaments and also supported Junior golfers so with years of different experiences, they now use these to make PGM Golf Academy attractive!

So now let’s enter inside!

3 different areas

PGM Golf Academy has 3 different areas – Open Range, Private Range and VIP Room. Depending on your purpose, you can select the suitable one!

Open Range

This is the main area – total 6 ranges and the capacity of each one is 4. And 1 and 6 (both side one) can be used for lefty! Today, I just want to focus on myself so I book here to try.

It’s GOLFZON GDR which is US PLGA Official Golf Simulator and TRACK MAN which is also PGA Official measuring instrument. Once you set the club, the pin will be set automatically.

So let’s start!
It’s fixed price means you don’t need to worry and count the balls – within your booking time slot, you can continue hitting!

And every single hit, the result is stated on the screen – if you did well, you can hear “Nice shot”!!!

By the way, this is my best one for today – you can see “perfect shot” message! Distance is not great but total balance is obviously good!

And also for every single hit, your swing form are recorded as movie and photo! So you can check how to improve it. Unfortunately mine is not really presentable so I have decided not to share it here with you…

Private Range

It has same facility but you can have more private space to enjoy with your friends. Or if you really want to focus on then this is the range for you! (These are not for lefty…)

VIP Room

If you want to enjoy “golf party” with your friend, this VIP room is the perfect venue! Using the actual golf course program and having food & drink together is great activity to enjoy. You don’t need to worry about weather and transportation as it’s indoor in Ginza!

Pro Shop

In the entrance area, you can find shop with variety of items. They offer many of practice / training tools – get training tools and practice here!

The brand promise of PGM is “Love Life. Love Golf” – PGM Golf Academy Ginza is the place where you can feel it the most. Golfer’s lounge for Golf lovers – you should be there!

PGM Golf Academy Ginza

Address:Ginza Shochiku Squar Building 2nd floor, 1-13-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL  :03-3544-4555