【Ariake】Small Worlds Tokyo – Let’s go to another world!

【Ariake】Small Worlds Tokyo – Let’s go to another world!

In June 2020, Small Worlds Tokyo, one of the largest miniature theme parks opened in Ariake district, Tokyo.

With Japanese sophisticated and advanced technology, Small Worlds Tokyo has been created as “moving miniature world” – let’s check it out!

“Miniature” market is getting bigger and bigger recently and it’s obviously not for kids, it’s for adult – maybe the popularity of capsule toy helps it as well as SNS. Yes, it is indeed very instagrammable!

Small Worlds Tokyo has a total of 6 different areas with:

  • Space Center
  • Global Village
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
  • Kaisan International Airport
  • Evangelion Cage and
  • Evangelion Tokyo-III

Better than a lengthy description, just have a look!

Easy guess, this is the Space Center area…
Global Village – it looks so real!
Another view of the global village… Is this Tokyo?
And this is for all who love electric trains; I find it so relaxing to watch…
Definitely not Japan but so well made…
Look at the level of details on each market stand !
Time to go to the airport…
And fly back to the “real world” !

Within the facility, you can take photos and movies as much you wish and the lighting changes to recreate day and night atmosphere so even at the same area, in a short time, you can take completely different photos!

There is also a workshop and also atelier, to see how these miniatures are created. The impressing part is not only the techniques used in the making, but also all the research it takes to make it accurate!

How they recreate or inspire from scenes of real life, past & present…
Here, a study of the different Streetlights in Tokyo.
Did you know that they have different colors in different wards?

At Small World Tokyo, it really made me feel like I had entered into another world – it’s worth visiting to enjoy!
And maybe in another world, we are all great golfers… hahaha!

Small Worlds Tokyo

Address1-3-33, Ariake, Koto-ku, TOKYO
Open Hour11:00 – 20:00 (Last admission at 19:00)
* Please check the up-dated one before you go
CloseOpen all year round
* Please check the up-dated one before you go
Admission Fee【Adults (Age +18)】2,700 yen
【Teenagers (Junior high school & high school)】1,900 yen
【Children (Preschool & elementary school)】1,500 yen