【Shirokanedai】Zuishoji Temple – Feel the spirit of Zen in the city center

【Shirokanedai】Zuishoji Temple – Feel the spirit of Zen in the city center

Did you know there is a temple designed by the famous architect Kengo Kuma within a 3-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station?

It is a spot where you can feel the spirit of Zen, along with the warmth of wood, iconic of Kengo Kuma’s architecture. It is not well known, so this time I would like to introduce such a hidden spot.

Zuishoji Temple

Zuishoji was the first temple of the Obaku sect in Shirokanedai.

The Obaku sect is a relatively new Zen sect that came from China during the Edo period (from 1603 to 1868) and its unique architectural style retains a strong Chinese flavor. Daiohoden is one of the few Buddhist buildings left in Edo City.

After dismantling and repairing, the magnificent appearance of the past has been reproduced and in 1992, it was designated as a national important cultural property.

Beautiful Kuri designed by Kengo Kuma

On the road next to the pedestrian bridge near Shirokanedai Station, you will soon find the gate of Zuishoji. If you walk through the gate, you will find a beautiful kuri (the temple’s kitchen, used to cook the monk’s meals).

The asymmetry is beautiful! And this is just the side of the building…

If you shift your eyes to the side, you will see a beautiful view again.

This kuri is actually a new one made by Kengo Kuma in November 2018.

The water basin surrounded by the warmth of wood is wonderful.
If you look only from here, you couldn’t tell that this is a temple.

A combination of woods – this is really Kengo Kuma’s style.

The Great Treasure Hall seen from the Kuri. The contrast between historical architecture and modern architecture is interesting.

I could watch this water basin endlessly…

This sole weeping plum tree on the basin is beautiful. I wonder if it will bear red flowers when it blooms around February.


It was so quiet that I couldn’t think of it as the city center and it was a spot where I could really enter the world of Zen.

Shirokanedai Station is a little far from other major tourist spots, so I don’t think you need to go there, but if you come near it, please do visit it.

However, for Kengo Kuma fans and those who want to take photogenic photos, it is probably worth the trip.

Personally, I really liked the atmosphere here, and so I have visited it “all the way” several times!

Zuishoji Temple

Address3-2-19 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, TOKYO
Websitehttp://www.zuisho-ji.or.jp/ (Japanese Only)