【Myoko Kogen】Akakura Kanko Hotel – A classically modern hotel – Facilities (1/2)

【Myoko Kogen】Akakura Kanko Hotel – A classically modern hotel – Facilities (1/2)

On the hillside of Mt. Myoko, which is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan in the southern part of Niigata prefecture, there is a building with a red roof that stands out from afar… This is Akakura Kanko Hotel, born in 1937 as a pioneer of highland resort hotels.

Other than the hotel, golf courses and ski resorts, there is no notable tourist attraction… But there is magnificent nature.

Why don’t you spend your luxurious time enjoying “doing nothing” at a classic hotel that represents Japan?

After getting off the Myoko Kogen Interchange and driving for a while, I saw an impressive red roof. Well, classical. Or rather, it looks pretty old. The reviews actually said “the exterior is old, but the interior and service are excellent,” yet I was a little worried.

After driving on the mountain road, I arrived at the entrance where a quaint signboard welcomed me. It didn’t look very beautiful from here, so I wondered if it’s okay and still worried.

After checking in, we moved to our room. This time, I was staying at the Deluxe Twin (43 sqm) in the main building. The main building itself is old, but the rooms were renewed in 2018 and I was surprised: it was actually more beautiful than I expected.

The classically modern room are based on brown and have a relaxing atmosphere.

The room was on the Lake Nojiri side and from the window, you can see the magnificent mountains and Lake Nojiri in the distance.

The deluxe twin bathroom has a view bath. Since I already enjoyed the hot springs in the large communal bath, I didn’t have a chance to use it, but I’m satisfied with this photo alone. Isn’t it beautiful?

The washroom has a double sink and is easy to use.

Hotel goods are also sold at the gift shop and the design is also very cute.
I usually don’t really buy souvenirs, but I like it so much that I bought it.

Isn’t the room key and baggage tag insanely cute with a retro design? When I said “cute”, the staff gave me a new baggage tag with nothing written on it.

After taking a break in the room, I went for a walk around the hotel while it is still bright! First, from the lobby lounge of the main building.

Carpets and furniture have a history, but they are in good condition and you can see that they are well maintained.

There is also a library on the 2nd floor, where some people were working. Maybe this would be a nice place for a “workation” ?

Then I took a walk in the hotel garden. It feels good to have a hazy grass field and seasonal flowers welcoming you. When I went down the slope a little, I could see the whole view of the hotel. This is the main building.

On the right side of the main building are the “SPA & SUITE Building” built in 2009 and the “PREMIUM Building” built in 2016. Although you can see that it is new, it is in harmony with the main building. There is a room with an open-air hot spring bath and a terrace in this building, so I’d like to stay there someday!

I also went to “SPA & SUITE Building”. You can reach it by walking through the gift shop in the main building and walking down the corridor. There was a very photogenic spot ahead.

That is the “Aqua Terrace”. The weather wasn’t very good, but it’s a scenery that makes you want to take pictures even if it’s cloudy. When the weather is nice, the scenery is reflected on the basin.

Of course, chairs are also prepared on the terrace, so I recommend to relax while gazing at the swaying basin and the magnificent nature.

In addition, there is a gallery to learn about the history of the hotel, a café, and a hot spring, so I thought this is a place where you could spend a relaxing and luxurious time without going out of the hotel.

Resort golf at a prestigious golf course

The prestigious golf course “Akakura Golf Course” is adjacent to the Akakura Kanko Hotel and it is recommended to take a round look during your stay. The golf course was designed by Seiichi Inoue, who also created the Kasumigaseki Country Club, which is the venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

Although it is adjacent to the hotel, it is difficult to walk because you have to go downhill a little. If you ask the hotel, they can pick you up and drop off at the golf course, so please feel free to use it.


Actually, the nearest train station is “Myoko Kogen Station” and a reservation-based shuttle bus runs between Myoko Kogen Station and the hotel, but because it is a local line station, there are high hurdles for overseas customers to change trains. Therefore, I don’t recommend it very much.

Instead, we recommend using the Hokuriku Shinkansen and get off at the “Joetsu Myoko Station”. From here, take a taxi (about 40 minutes / fare: about 10,000 yen). Please note that only “Hakutaka” trains stop at Joetsu Myoko Station. So please be careful to reserve “Hakutaka” train, if you travel there on your own.

To Joetsu Myoko Station
– About 2 hours from Tokyo Station
– About 1 hour from Kanazawa Station

Akakura Kanko Hotel

Address216 Tagiri, Myoko-shi, NIIGATA