【Tokyo】Toshima City Tokiwa-so Manga Museum

In Tochima City in the Prefecture of Tokyo, is the Tokiwa-so Manga Museum – the legendary apartment where great modern manga artists like Osamu Tezuka lived together with other artists. The original apartment was demolished in 1982 but to transmit the culture of Manga / Anime to the next generation, […]

【Japan Travel Tips】General Etiquette

Greetings & Bowing Traditionally, Japanese people do not shake hands and usually a slight bowing gesture is used for greeting and parting with people, as well as to express thanks, apologize or ask someone a favour. That said, you may sometimes be greeted with a handshake, especially if your counterpart […]

【Japan Travel Tips】General practical information

In this article, we would like to offer a few tips and advice, prior to your upcoming journey to Japan. Although this can by no means be exhaustive, we hope it will provide useful answers to pre-departure questions you may have. Pre-departure Immigration & Visa requirements Since visa requirements are […]

【Greetings from The Golf Japan!】NO Golf NO Travel NO Life

“It’s always darkest before dawn” “There is no unstoppable rain” Since the beginning of 2020, all of us have been facing difficulties. To cheer ourselves up as our life has been changed drastically, we have been thinking of these sentences. Alas, Dawn is still just breaking but the rain hasn’t […]

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