【Golf Manners】Tips for Playing Golf in Japan

Here are a few tips and information for you to know before playing golf in Japan. However , please remember that each Golf Course has different rules and regulation, so please always check with them. Dress Code Golf in Japan still is a “ladies & gentlemen” sport, so please respect […]

【Japan Travel Tips】Arrival

Upon Arrival – at the Airport Once you land in Japan, you will first have to clear the COVID formalities. At the time of writing, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, new entry from all countries/regions have been banned. However, prior to the suspension, the protocol was […]

【Tokyo】Toshima City Tokiwa-so Manga Museum

In Tochima City in the Prefecture of Tokyo, is the Tokiwa-so Manga Museum – the legendary apartment where great modern manga artists like Osamu Tezuka lived together with other artists. The original apartment was demolished in 1982 but to transmit the culture of Manga / Anime to the next generation, […]

【Japan Travel Tips】General Etiquette

Greetings & Bowing Traditionally, Japanese people do not shake hands and usually a slight bowing gesture is used for greeting and parting with people, as well as to express thanks, apologize or ask someone a favour. That said, you may sometimes be greeted with a handshake, especially if your counterpart […]

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